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Activlab Run & Bike Electrolytes

You run, ride a bike and all your training to fight with yourself? Remember that during the prolonged training body starts to lose large amounts of electrolytes in sweat, which should quickly make up! Their inadequate amount of negative impact both on the same train and speed recovery! The drink does not contain carbohydrates, so you do not have to worry about their number in the diet – is ideally suited for the weight loss! 

Activlab Run & Bike Electrolytes is a drink designed for athletes and persons burdened with significant physical, the special formula provides effective replenishment of fluids and electrolytes lost during training and during races in the competition.

The Activlab Run & Bike Electrolytes consists of the following components: – Sodium – this element is particularly important for athletes and active people. Physical exercise leads to a severe loss of this element from the body with sweat, can lead to the disorder of water and electrolyte balance, muscle cramps, weakness and reduced performance. Effective supply of the body’s sodium during exercise can have a positive impact on the water-electrolyte balance and thermoregulation, and acid-base balance.

– Chlorides – like sodium is excreted abundantly from the body during exercise and work with it in the package. In addition to the impact on the state of water and electrolyte, it is also important for the processes associated with glucose metabolism and affects the functioning of the circulatory system.

– Potassium – is another important element excreted in sweat from the body during exercise. Participates with sodium to maintain proper osmotic pressure of body fluids, helping to normalize the water-electrolyte balance. It also participates in the functioning of the circulatory system, and the appropriate its supply can reduce the catabolism of muscle and speed recovery after exercise.

– Magnesium -bierze involved in energy metabolism, participates in the synthesis of muscle proteins and is an activator of many enzymes responsible eg. For the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. He is also an extremely important role in the conduction of nerve impulses and increases the contractility of muscle fibers. Strenuous physical exercise may exacerbate the loss of magnesium from the body, to supplement the pool of this element helps prevent the effects of shortages.

– Calcium – this element is associated mainly with the maintenance of the health of bones and teeth, in fact, its role is much broader. Calcium is involved in activating numerous enzymes that allow release of energy contained in ATP. This element also affects neuromuscular.

ACTIVLAB RUN & BIKE IS FREE Electrolytes ADDED SUGAR SIMPLE! THUS it is ideal ALSO For people practicing for a reduction of body fat.


At least one bottle in a training day or during hot weather.

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