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HI TEC Bcaa Powder Adagolás:1 adagolókanál 500 ml vízben feloldva, fogyaszd edzés előtt közben vagy után.

Amino acids are the basis for the synthesis of proteins and are essential for muscle building. Part of the pool all the essential amino acids BCAA or branched chain amino acids, which are especially important for athletes. These amino acids (BCAA) arrive directly from the blood into muscle cells, in contrast to the other, which are metabolized by the liver, and consumed. In muscle cells, BCAAtogether with other EAA (essential amino acids) are intensifying protein synthesis and greatly accelerate the regeneration of post-training and increase lean muscle mass. To intensify and accelerate the synthesis of protein crystallization uses a special technology that allows rapid and complete dissolution of the amino acids in water. In this way almost immediately (after 10 min. of consumption) BCAA reach the muscle cells and begin to build new muscle mass.

POWERFUL FORCE ANTI-CATABOLIC, THANKS TO WHICH secure your muscles against catabolism!

Hi Tec BCAA Powder is a high-quality formulation based on branched chain amino acids (with English. Branched Chain Amino Acids), which are essential for building muscle tissue – without them there will be no protein synthesis. The other amino acids are also important, but BCAA play a fundamental role in athletes, because otherwise as other amino acids that pass from the blood through the liver first where they are broken down into various substrates. BCAA arrive directly from the blood into the muscle cells where intensify protein synthesis. Branched chain amino acids about 35% of muscle mass and can not be synthesized by the body – must be provided with food or with the help of a professional supplements such as BCAA Power!


  •  Day Training:
    1 serving before workout 1 serving after training.
  •  Non-training day:
    1 serving in the morning on an empty stomach.


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Citrom, grapefruit, mangó dinnye, Meggy, Narancs, Natúr

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