Trec Booster bar 100g

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Raktáron, 1-3nap

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Trec Booster Bar Adagolás:napi 1-2 szelet nagy mennyigésű folyadékkal. 




Mega Mass Replacement Meal Bar!



Essential protein and energy dose

Excellent snack

21 g protein per single bar



Trec BOOSTER bar is a delicious, high-energy protein bar available in many flavours, based on whey protein. BOOSTER is perfect for people with busy lifestyles combined with irregular nutrition, as well as an excellent dietary supplement for athletes. Trec BOOSTER is perfect as a tasty snack between meals, supplementing deficiencies in all essential nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.

Trec BOOSTER is a high-protein Baton, which will provide you with everything you need to function properly: 21g of protein per serving, fats, essential fatty acids, vitamins and the amount of energy for a long time. Not be overlooked the fact that the protein source is whey protein concentrate! You will not find it in fractions of plant origin – only complete protein of animal origin.

Called “essential fatty acids” are hiding esencyjne fatty acids (ie. Valid for life), which are a natural source of easily digestible energy and vitamins A, D, E, and K. Usable fats during the production of this excellent bar only come from natural sources (peanuts and cocoa solids).

Trec BOOSTER is an ideal meal replacement, whose composition is complete. If you are a hard-training athlete or looking for a delicious variety restrictive diet should take into account that bar in your diet.


* Number of pieces per carton is: 15


  •  Day Training:
    1-3 bars a day, depending on your needs
  •  Non-training day:
    1-3 bars a day, depending on your needs



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