Fireblaster 2in1-500×500

Activlab Fireblaster 12g*20

3700 Ft

Raktáron, 1-3nap

Timp de livrare: Raktáron, 1-3nap


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Activlab Fireblaster Adagolás: Edzésnapokon 1 adag (11 gr)  200 ml vízben feloldva, edzés előtt.

A FireBlaster málnaketonokat, béta-alanint, l-arginint, l-tirozint, keserűnarancs-kivonatot, koffeint, B-vitaminokat és elektrolitokat tartalmaz, melyek együttesen a szervezet számos biokémiai és energiatermelő folyamatát támogatják.

Activab FIREBLASTER is aimed at people who care about their form and expect the przedtreningówce also support the reduction of body fat. Excellent raspberry ketones and fruit extract, bitter orange in the regulation of metabolism and reducing appetite. The product does not contain creatine, so that can be successfully applied in the interval between cycles. A solid dose of caffeine but will provide an adequate level of arousal and energy boost for your workout – even in a weaker day. The regularity of training to a large extent determines the results achieved, do not let anything disturb her!

Activab FIREBLASTER was also enriched with important vitamins and minerals, without which the body can not function properly. Could not miss a good dose of l-arginine, which will provide a powerful pump on training. Vasodilation affects not only improve motivation but also improves oxygenation and nutrition of cells resulting in significant improvement of regeneration and accelerates the growth of muscle tissue. If you are looking for this type of product – bet on Activlab FIREBLASTER, and you will enjoy excellent workouts!



  •  Day Training:
    1 serving before training
  •  Non-training day:
    no need to use


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